Greek yogurt substitute diet plan

Greek yogurt infographic

I’d like to share something special with you that I’ve been working on Greek Yogurt Substitute Diet Plan.

But first things first! The Christmas season has come! And naturally, that means its time for New Year’s resolutions. Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions yet? I have, here are mine:

– Keep eating healthy
– Discover and create new recipes
– Take a writing class

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without the single most popular NY resolution out there:
– I want to lose weight!

So how am I planning on shedding a few pounds? Well, I’m going to slowly implement greek yogurt into my day-to-day cooking by using it as a substitute ingredient for vegetable oil, mayonnaise, butter, crême fraîche, heavy cream, cream cheese, sour cream, and milk.

Greek yogurt substitute diet plan

The idea behind my greek yogurt substitute diet plan is that you can keep eating the food you love, but in a healthier manner. You just substitute greek yogurt for ingredients that are used in everyday cooking. It’s that easy.

No strict diet plans or mandatory small portions. Sounds like a great way to lose weight to me! For example, that means you won’t have to say goodbye to a delicious chicken salad, just say goodbye to the mayonnaise! Get it?

Implementing greek yogurt into your diet comes with many benefits. It’s very high in protein, doesn’t contain many calories and it fills you up nicely which will keep you from snacking. Conclusion: greek yogurt and weight loss go hand in hand.

Just have a look at my infographic and see how much calories you can save by using greek yogurt as a substitute ingredient.

Let’s take the example of vegetable oil that is used in a Bibb salad. If you replace the vegetable oil by the same amount of greek yogurt you will cut on calories and boost your protein intake. On a cup-by-cup basis you save 1744 calories and gain 23.4 grams of protein. That’s a hell of a lot if you ask me!

The nutritional values in the infographic are sourced from the National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference from the USDA and

Scroll down to learn how you can start your greek yogurt diet, which ingredients you can substitute for greek yogurt and how many calories you can save.

And there you have it, my Greek Yogurt Substitute Diet Plan.

PS: I use my own homemade greek yogurt when I’m cooking with greek yogurt. If you don’t have time to make your own and you’re looking for the best greek yogurt for weight loss, have a look at my GY comparison chart. You can compare calories and nutritional values of popular brands there and pick one that’s right for you. 

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Recipes using greek yogurt as a substitute ingredient

Cooking with greek yogurt is great and there are lots of options in using greek yogurt as a substitute ingredient. Per ingredient that greek yogurt can replace I’ve listed an example recipe that you can start experimenting with right away.

Substitute vegetable oil Make an awesome bibb salad. No more vegetable oil needed, just replace it with some good ol’ greek yogurt!
Substitute mayonnaise Substitute greek yogurt for mayo the next time you’re making deviled eggs. The lower amount of calories and fat won’t make these eggs so devilish anymore ;)
Substitute butter Greek yogurt is a great substitute for butter in both cooking and baking. Replace half of the butter for great yogurt and you’re set. Try it next time you’re making brownies!
Substitute crème fraîche You can substitute crème fraîche with greek yogurt, try preparing a lovely Coq au Vin for dinner!
Substitute heavy cream Can you substitute greek yogurt for heavy cream? Definitely! Especially in soup recipes, such as butternut squash soup.
Substitute sour cream You can substitute greek yogurt for sour cream. For example, using greek yogurt instead of sour cream when making 7up biscuits makes them healthier, while maintaining their unique taste!
Substitute cream cheese Substitute greek yogurt for cream cheese the next time you make a cheesecake. Using greek yogurt instead of cream cheese makes the cheesecake extra light!
Substitute milk Replace milk with greek yogurt in pancakes, make some lovely greek yogurt pancakes for breakfast!
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  1. Hi. I am a huge fan of Lancashire Farms G Y, but I like the full fat version. Is this a no no?

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