Greek Yogurt Paradise on KUTV

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Hey everyone!

I’m really proud to announce that Greek Yogurt Paradise and my greek yogurt pancake recipe was mentioned by Jade Teran during the KUTV Noon show. 

How did all of this come about? It was quite an interesting turn of events really. Let me start from the beginning. About two weeks ago I decided to sign up for Twitter. I never had a Twitter account before, but I figured it’s a cool new way to connect with other greek yogurt fans. And so I did! I sent Jade a message where I suggested her to try my greek yogurt pancakes recipe, and that’s how we came into contact with each other. A few days ago she pleasantly surprised me that she was going to be on the KUTV noon show to talk about greek yogurt brands and that she wanted to share my pancake recipe because she liked it so much! 

Greek Yogurt Paradise on KUTV Noon Show 

I just want to thank Jade again for sharing my recipe. Thanks a lot Jade, you’re awesome!

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