About me

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth Wallace! It’s so nice to meet you. A bit about me: I’m a big fan of eating healthy, and I love greek yogurt! This blog is where I share my recipes, thoughts and much more. 

Why I started this blog

A lot of my inspiration comes from when I lived in Amsterdam (yep that’s in The Netherlands). How did I end up there? Well… my husband originally comes from Amsterdam and one day he told me that he had some good news: he got selected for a career opportunity in Amsterdam. It was indeed great news for our family and I felt excited about getting to know life in Europe. However, I’m quite an active person and I didn’t want to end up at home by my self all day. So I decided that charity work would be a great way to get to know new friends and get involved into the community.

In 2008 we moved and the organization I worked for is called “De Voedselbank”. Literally translated that means: food bank. It’s a non-profit and charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger. The majority of the food is donated by supermarkets, restaurants and other companies, avoiding waste. During the four years that I was involved in the project I helped low-income families make healthy food choices with a limited budget. It was such an inspirational and rewarding time! This is where I developed my passion for healthy food and educating people on how to make something tasty with limited resources by being creative. My love for greek yogurt started when I got to know Eleni, the sweetest woman you will ever meet. She is a retired certified nutritionist from Greece and was also volunteering in the project. One day she brought a batch of homemade greek yogurt to work for us to try. It tasted great and fit perfectly into the healthy but low-budget diets that I was creating for my work. I started experimenting with different greek yogurt recipes and from there on I was hooked on to the greek yogurt train.

Nowadays I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two lovely kids and my passion for healthy food hasn’t gone. I love greek yogurt for it’s unique creamy and refreshing taste but also because it’s a healthy substitute for a lot of ingredients. Not to mention that for a fraction of the cost you can make it your self at home. Instead of just spoiling my family with my recipes I decided to share my passion for greek yogurt via this blog. This is actually the first blog that I started (with some technical help from my two Dutch cousins, thanks guys :)) so I hope you like it!

My recipes 

I developed most of my greek yogurt recipes during my charity work, but I also read a lot of  recipes from other bloggers and food websites. I combine everything I learned over the years and experiment with the ingredients. The result is visible in my recipe section. If you would like to use one of my recipes/articles for your website then send me a message and please include a link to my homepage and recipe as source.

Are you associated with any yogurt brands or sponsors?

I am not associated with any yogurt brands or sponsors. I just love greek yogurt and this blog is a great way to share my passion for making something healthy with limited resources. Any products that I recommend, I tried myself first. I do earn some income via the advertisements on my blog to cover the hosting costs.

Questions or comments

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? Just sent me a message.


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Elizabeth Wallace

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth! It’s so nice to meet you. A bit about me: I’m a big fan of eating healthy, and I love greek yogurt! This blog is where I share my recipes, thoughts and much more. Have fun!