Is greek yogurt gluten free?

Gluten free greek yogurt

Is greek yogurt gluten free? That’s the big question I’m going to answer today! Gluten free food is a popular topic at the moment. Some people maintain a gluten free diet by choice and others because they are gluten intolerant. Whatever the reason may be, if you are following a gluten free diet and you want to know which greek yogurt brands are available for you then this article will provide you with all the info you need. I’m going to discuss different types of GY and what you should look out for if your going for gluten free. Next, I’m going to talk about popular brands and gluten content. Let’s dive in!

Is greek yogurt gluten free?

Almost all natural dairy products are gluten free. This includes greek yogurt in its purest form, also called plain greek yogurt. So in general, yes, greek yogurt is gluten free. But it’s necessary to dig into this subject a little deeper. Why? Some brands use additives, which results in their plain greek yogurt containing gluten.

Full fat (whole milk) plain greek yogurt

The top-notch full fat plain greek yogurts on the market today consist of only two ingredients. Live active cultures and milk. The live active cultures are added to the milk, which then creates yogurt. After the yogurt has formed, it is strained multiple times to remove the whey. This produces greek yogurt. Because these are the only ingredients and no additives are added, this type of greek yogurt is gluten free most of the time. Beware though, there’s always a chance of cross-contamination with gluten from other yogurts (or products) the manufacturer produces that possibly include gluten-containing additives. I’ve labeled which popular brands are gluten free in my comparison chart!

Low-fat plain greek yogurt

Just like full fat GY, low-fat greek yogurt is produced with solely milk and live active cultures. Though some brands add ingredients to thicken and stabilize their products. These brands are often called greek-style yogurt instead of greek yogurt. Ingredients that you should look out for are gelatin, corn starch, pectin, milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate. Though on the other hand, some brands that do add these thickeners are still gluten free. Take a look at my GY comparison chart where I’ve listed the ingredients of popular brands and if they’re gluten free.

Flavored greek yogurt

Contrary to plain GY being mainly gluten free, flavored greek yogurt is a whole different story. Labels that list thickeners, flavoring, nuts, modified food starch, artificial color, chocolate or candies can be signs of the brand not being gluten free. Besides that you should also avoid brands that contain wheat ingredients. Though, there are some brands that contain these additives and surprisingly are still gluten free.

Popular brands on their gluten content

I’ve listed the official statements of popular brands on what they have to say about their products containing gluten. Almost all brands guarantee their products are gluten free, which is great! This list should give you a good view on which brand to pick if you looking for some gluten free greek yogurt. If your brand is not listed here I advice you to visit the website of the manufacturer and contact them directly.

Stonyfield “All of our yogurts, smoothies, and soy yogurts, except the YoToddler flavors made with cereal, are certified gluten-free.”
Zoi “Yes, it is completely gluten-free. It’s perfect for vegetarians, too.”
Olympic “No. We do not use potassium sorbate, gelatin, gluten, preservatives, fillers or artificial sweeteners in our yogurt. Our milks and yogurts use only 100% natural ingredients.”
Olympus No official statement available. On the product pages it says their greek yogurt is gluten free. 
Easiyo “None of the EasiYo Yogurt mixes contain any gluten or wheat.”
Jalna No official statement available. On the product pages it says their greek yogurt is gluten free.
Greek Gods Yogurt “The Greek Gods® brand products are gluten-free, kosher and non GMO.”
Liberté “Our products are not made with any ingredients that contain gluten. We conduct rigorous internal testing to confirm that all of our products are gluten free.”
Siggi’s “Yes, all our products are gluten free. They contain no wheat, barley, rye, or triticale, and we do not use gluten as a food additive in the form of a flavoring, stabilizing or thickening agent. Our products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).”
Wallaby “Yes. All of our products have been tested and found to be gluten-free. We also recently became certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Look for the ‘GF’ symbol on our packaging, which will be added in the coming months. This symbol certifies that our products are gluten free.”
Smári No official statement available. On other websites it says their products are gluten free.
Walmart “Unfortunately, since we have multiple suppliers for this product we cannot accurately inform you if it contains gluten, however, if the product is gluten free the statement “Naturally Gluten Free” will be on the label.”
Activia  “Although most Danone Activia flavours do not contain wheat as an ingredient, there is a risk of cross-contamination caused by the production of other products containing wheat in the same factory. This is why you’ll see that below the ingredient list it says, for example “Produced on a line handling wheat”.”
Brown cow “All our yogurts are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, and they’re the first yogurts to earn this distinction. Those with gluten intolerance (celiac disease) can enjoy our yogurts without worry.”
Müller by Quaker “All FrütUp™ yogurts produced at the Batavia, New York facility, while not certified gluten-free, do not contain any wheat, rye or barley. Some Müller® Corner® and Greek Corner® yogurts, including our Corner® Choco Ball and Crispy Crunch yogurts, contain wheat and/or barley. Please be sure to check the allergen declaration of your Müller® yogurt’s label to determine if your product contains wheat.”
So Delicous Dairy Free Check out their official document
Chobani All Chobani varieties, except for Chobani Flip products, are naturally gluten-free. This means they contain no wheat, rye, barley or other gluten-containing ingredients.”
Cabot “All of Cabot’s products are gluten-free with the exception of the spreadable cheddars.  Due to our sourcing, we cannot guarantee these spreads to be wheat-free.  All of the rest of Cabot’s products and ingredients have been researched and verified to be gluten-free and are produced in a gluten-free environment.”
Dannon / Oikos “The natural system for stabilizing flavor might contain ingredients derived from gluten sources.” Both these brands do not consider their products to be gluten free.
Fage All products on this certificate are under the supervision of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).
Voskos No official statement available but, says its yogurt is gluten-free on their products pages.
Yoplait No official statement available. Though on the product pages it says which products are gluten free when you view the nutritonal info.
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